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The Best Email Converter Tools In The Industry

Understand the basics of using a Mac mail to Thunderbird converter

There would be many articles that would answer the general FAQs. But this particular set of question-answer list has been prepared to cater to those who are looking for the most basic understanding of the process of convert Apple mail to Thunderbird. You would also find the answers to the questions relating to Mail Extractor Max-a solid Mac mail to Thunderbird converter.

What is Mac mail to Thunderbird conversion?

Mac mail and Thunderbird are two very distinct mailing clients. While Mac mail is the creation of Apple, Thunderbird was designed by Mozilla Foundation. The formats used to save the mailing data are EMLX and MBOX respectively. There are of course compatibility issues and these are taken care of with the use of email converters. Mac Mail to Thunderbird conversion is quite complicated and thereby the use of a robust converter such as Mail Extractor Max is suggested for easy and thorough conversions. These conversions are basically the replication of the original data so as to make it usable in the new mailing client.

What is a third party conversion tool?

Generally, email conversion software don’t form an integral part of the email software. And if a need to transfer the data from one mailing client to the other arises, it calls for the use of a conversion tool. These tools are created by outside parties and thus the name ‘third party tool’. These tools encompass the software that enables such conversions. Mail Extractor Max, for instance, is one such tool that helps in migrating Apple mail to Thunderbird.


Is Mail Extractor Max a reliable conversion tool?

Yes. Mail Extractor Max is extremely dependable. For starters, the creators of this tool have a long and successful history in the conversion tool industry. Secondly, the tool is super safe to be used. For obvious reasons, safety is one of the major concerns of the users as a lot of crucial data is stored in the mails. Next, this Mac mail to Thunderbird converter comes with some out of the box features that make the conversion process exciting for the users. Lastly, the conversions take place at lightning fast speed. The conversions overall are taken up automatically just after the initial few manual clicks. And the final results are beyond magnificent. To put it in simple words, Mail Extractor Max is a name synonymous with perfection.


How can one export EMLX to Thunderbird with Mail Extractor Max?

Mail Extractor Max has a highly user-friendly interface. The entire conversion process is a compilation of few steps. If anyone wants to export EMLX to Thunderbird, then they can follow the under mentioned steps

  1. Launch the tool and upload the files using the auto-load option.
  2. Keep or remove the folders as per the conversion requirements.
  3. Choose the output as Thunderbird emails.
  4. Start the conversion process by clicking on ‘Convert’

Once the process is completed, the files can be directly uploaded to Thunderbird.