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The Best Email Converter Tools In The Industry

The Best PST to Thunderbird Converter for Mac


Comfort is the need of the hour. Technological and social developments all have work towards making our life comfortable. Supermarkets are a leading example of this.  Walmart is one of the leading supermarket franchise in the world. It offers you everything under one roof. What if there was an email converter that did same?


USL Software came out with the most efficient PST to Thunderbird Converter in PST Extractor Pro. The tool is “Walmart” of email conversion. This one tool does it all for you. It is your one stop solution for PST to Thunderbird conversion.


The tool offers you control, power and precision. Using this amazing PST to Thunderbird Converter you can convert not only your PST files into thunderbird, but also into MBOX, Postbox, EML etc. with the same accuracy and power.

The Best PST to Thunderbird Converter

So, it is not only the best PST to Thunderbird Converter but also the best PST to MBOX, POSTBOX, EML etc. converter as well.

These many options allow you to choose the format of your output file. It gives you the control that the tool promises. Now you don’t need to search the internet for a safe and reliable tool every time you want to convert your PST files into a new format. PST Extractor Pro does it for you.

Beside the control, this PST to Thunderbird Converter offers you exceptional power during the conversion process.

It converts each and everything present in your input file. Nothing is left behind or unconverted. You won’t experience any kind of bugs and errs in the output file produced. This ensures the security of your data too.

The tool applies many latest approaches to ensure the safety of your data. One of them is conversion of the Unicode content. Many PST to Thunderbird converters out there fail to convert the Unicode data present in your input file.

The Unicode data is comprised of all the non-English data in your input file. Since the data is a bit different form the normal texts therefore its encoding is also a little bit different.

Many PST to Thunderbird converters out there fail at this very step and may end up damaging your data besides having an incomplete conversion attempt.

But not PST Extractor Pro. The tool takes care of your data and converts the Unicode data as well, providing you a smooth and safe conversion process.

All of this happens at a lightning quick speed too. This PST to Thunderbird converter cuts down on the time spent in converting your input files.

For this also it follows modern approaches like bulk conversion. It allows you to select all the file that you want to convert.

And then in a single go, it converts them all without compromising on the exceptional accuracy and precision of the tool.

This saves you from the tiresome process of going through all the files you want to convert one by one.

So download he free trial today that the tool offers you on its website and experience the “Walmart” of email conversion yourself.