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Unbeatable MBOX to PST migration service!

mbox to pst migration software

By using the service of Mail Extractor Pro one can make impossible things possible. It provides to you completely hassle-free mail conversion service that is quite smooth as well as safe. It lets all kinds of users convert their data in the first attempt itself and with relish. Unlike an ordinary software, users of this software do not have to wrestle with the probability of their data being damaged or converted only halfway through. Read on to know its several other benefits. Or you can click on the link here for the free trial version and check them out for yourself.

 MBOX to PST Migration

Your companion through thick and thin

During mbox to  pst migration one can face several struggles, not with this software though. It aids the users all the way through the conversion, from beginning to end. It is capable of converting the data directly in the mac. Also, it comes with an interface that guides the users all the way through the conversion. It is quite safe for all kinds of data too, so you do not have to worry about keeping them safe.

mbox to pst migration

MBOX to PST migration with step-by-step guidance

Even if it is the first time you are going for MBOX to PST migration you do not have to worry about feeling lost in there. This software provides you with the proper guidance at every single step of the conversion. The conversion process also is quite hassle-free. The users do not have to learn anything new, just following the instructions provided by the software would be enough.

As the conversion happens in the mac itself, the conversion process is quite simple. The number of steps is minimum and easy to implement. To make the process even faster, this software auto-selects the entire database at once.

All-round safe software for all sorts of data

There is no data this software cannot process. It makes sure that all kinds of data files go unscathed when this software is being used. You would be able to convert even files that contain double-byte characters by using this software. All kinds of data files- even those in languages like Korean, Chinese and Japanese can be converted using this software.

It even provides safety to metadata like attachments and nested messages. Small details like cc, bcc, read/unread status are also preserved automatically by this software. If a file is too large to process, it breaks it down and then carries their MBOX to PST migration safely.

Software free of bugs and malware

When you are installing this software you can remain reassured that it is only this that you are installing, no bugs or malware in addition to it. It provides a smooth service without any chances of freezing or incomplete conversion of data. The users get a quality mail conversion service with this software, free of any worries.