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The Best Email Converter Tools In The Industry

Export mails to Outlook Windows and Mac

A level of accuracy for the first time while exporting mails to Outlook in an Mbox to PST converter tool. 

Accuracy has always been a prime factor which either makes a software favorite among the users or not more than a head ache. Depending on this accuracy factor users decide which software to install and which one to skip.

But only through the advertisements, even an expert will never be able to predict the accuracy and precision of any software while exporting mails to Outlook. So trials are very important before passing the final remarks regarding any conversion tool. Without the trials if you install any software you have a strong probability of inviting grave danger to your system and data.

So always use tools which provide you a test drive of exporting mails to Outlook email application thus enabling you to have a proper decision and remark regarding any Apple Mail, Postbox or Thunderbird to Outlook converter application. To enhance this accuracy and precision levels you either need to have excellent programming knowledge or take the help of brilliant engineers or programmers. Because it is never in the capability of amateurs to give the finest features to any software which will help you export mails to Outlook app without worries.

A new tool in the market to export mail to Outlook app

One tool built by experienced and intelligent minds is the Mail Extractor Pro. This is a product from the USL Company which further places this software in a respectable position. Its counterparts do not have the smoothness or the efficiency as availabke in this software. The counterparts are not even able to deliver half the features that this software is providing. So this tool can export mails to Outlook compatible file formats like an expert without failing anywhere in between the file export.


This software gained the initial popularity when none of the former conversion problems were visible in this software. Earlier problems such as data loss or slowpoke techniques of conversion used to place the users in a situation of dilemma where the need to have the files exported is very important but due to the problems users don't have courage to proceed with the conversion. In such situations the services of paid professionals were highly used. But it is also not safe to completely hand over your data even the sensitive ones in the hands of unknown experts. So with this software you need not rely upon these experts for your conversions. This software will provide you the easiest methods to convert mails to Windows Outlook.


Bulk data conversion issue is finally resolved 

This software even has some new and enhanced features. One such example is the PST file split up feature. This feature exists in several other converter tools but those have not been able to deliver the services as this software. Beyond a certain size, those tools were not able to split up the selected data into permissible file limits. But our tool has no such borders. You can have large sized folders as you wish with no errors from the tool side while splitting the data or exporting mails to Outlook email application.